Influence to Animation by Operation

SynVisum takes care to reduce influence to animation and scene fade by operation, then let then continues.
Operating windows, changing parameters and any settings does not prevent animation continues.
However, there are some exceptions.
Using Image Files

SynVisum utilizes system provided functions to load various image files (and sound files).
When SynVisum handles these files, it takes care not to influence running animation.

When a SynVisum setting file is loaded, all image files specified in scenes are also loaded.
This helps to display an image as soon as possible when a scene is triggered.

Still Image
SynVisum scales image size to fit into output display.
This occurs when a scene is triggered and image file or aspect ratio setting is changed.
This influence running animation little, but if a source still image is vary large, it will take longer until it is displayed.
If this is a problem, try to use a still image file reduced to output display size.
Even if not exactly match the size, the smaller a source image, the shorter time until it is displayed.