Assigning Control

Assigns external controllers to composition's unique parameters.
To assign controls, select "Assign Control" from "Control menu".

For numerical parameter, controlled value range can be specified.
Whole length of a controller device can be corresponded to specific value range of a parameter.
(if range is not specified, whole value range of a parameter is used)
In case of OSC, if range is not specified, data value of OSC is used as is.
In contrast, if range is specified, OSC data value [0.0] corresponds to [L] of parameter value, and OSC [1.0] corresponds to [H] of parameter value.

Relation Between Parameter and Controller Type
If specified controller type does not meet a parameter naturally, implicit conversion takes place.
Parameter\ControllerDMX, MIDISoundRGB, HSV
NumericMaximum Amplitude(unused)
SpectrumAll components are same amplitude(unused)
ColorAll components are same (gray)
All components are same (gray)
with maximum amplitude
StringText representation of amount normalized
between 0 and 1
Text representation of maximum amplitude normalized
between 0 and 1

Parameter\OSC TypeInteger, FloatStringTRUE/FALSE/NULL
Numeric Numerical1/0/0
Spectrum (unused)(unused)(unused)
Color All components are same (gray)
all components are same (gray)
all components are same (gray)
String Text representation1/0/(empty)

External Control and Scene Memory