The Controller plays scene memory.

Rewind Button
Locates to a time [00:00:00.00] if [Self Mode] is set to [Continuous] (see below).
Otherwise, locates to a start of Self Range.

Stop Button
Stops playing.

Play Button
Starts playing.
Green indicator lits while playing.
If external synchronization is used, and if this button is in pressed state, playback is controlled externally.
To disable external control, press Stop button, then Play button becomes raised state.
(external sync)
(external sync)

Scene Button
Creates a new scene with current console state and Play Time.
This is equivalent to a menu command [Save New Scene] in Scene menu.

Play Time
Shows and sets playback time (position).
In external synchronization, it shows time with [Delay] applied.

When play time is changed (either by manually, loop, or external control), a scene immediately before the play time is triggered automatically.


Self Mode
Specifies how to play in [Self] mode.

External Synchronization

Delays Trigger Time of each scene.
If [Delay] is set to [ 00:00:10:00 ] (10 second),
a scene with Trigger Time of [ 00:00:20:00 ] (20 second) is triggered
when external time reaches [ 00:00:30:00 ] (30 second).