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Ordering SynVisum Product Package

The price of SynVisum Product Package is JPY 28,400 (Free shipping!).
(currency exchange)

We will ship to North America, Europe and Australia.

Single product package is required per single "running" computer.
It is required to purchase product packages as many as computers running at a time, even if, for example, they are used for exhibition.

A USB memory included in a product package is used as a certificate of purchase.
That USB memory is required to be attached to computer when this software starts up first time and after updated by download version.
(it also may be required after some system configuration changed or reinstalled)
Once certified, it is not required to attach that USB memory onward under normal usage.

Please keep a USB memory included in a product package carefully.
DO NOT modify content of a USB memory included in a product package (DO NOT write to, save to nor erase it).
We do not reissue for lost.
We will exchange damaged USB memory with new one at cost.

Until certified, there are some limitations.
  • Saving document file is forbidden.
  • Recording as movie file is limited to only 10 seconds.
  • Prompts to register on startup of application and opening a document file.

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