About Windows Version

There are some differences between Windows and Mac OSX versions of SynVisum.
About System Settings
Manufacturers of graphics adapter usually provides their own control panel.
It may contains "Vertical Refresh Synchronization" setting.
If so, set it to "Application Setting".
(Don't set it to "Always ON")

On Windows Vista and Windows7, using "Aero" desktop theme avoids "Tearing" (image cut off).
(Desktop Composition is enabled)
On Windows8, Desktop Composition is always enabled.

If "Aero" is not used, or on Windows XP, "tearing" may be noticable.
(Desktop Composition is disabled)
In this case, "Alternative VSync" of SynVisum may improve appearance.
Change of this setting becomes effective after the "Monitor Window" (or setting file or the application itself) is closed once then reopened.

Graphics adapter support
SynVisum utilizes OpenGL for graphics.
Because large part of OpenGL functions are implemented independently for each graphics adapter (manufacturer), there are some differences in behavior.
We will support graphics adapters of manufacturers listed below.
(Please understand that we may unable to provide sufficient support, because there are differences in each product and epoch, even if same manufacture)

If SynVisum does not work correctly, please try "Windows Update" to update your system to latest state.
In addition, please try to update display driver software to latest version by "Device Manager", "Display Adapter", "Update Driver" (Update Driver Software).