SMPTE Time Code Input

Using sound input of computer, external SMPTE Time Code can be read.
24 frame/second
25 frame/second
30 frame/second drop
30 frame/second non-drop
and others can be read, but any signals are treated as 30 frame/second non-drop, thus fraction of second (frame) is not precise if other signal is fed.
In addition, because sound input device has buffer, there is some delay (normally around 100 mS, varies depending on hardware).
Use [Delay] setting to correct any delay.

Time code is displayed as it is read.

Selects a sound input device from which time code is read.

While this button is in pressed state, time code is read from sound input device.
If the sound input device cannot be used (for example, it is already used by another application), this button remains in raised state.
If a sound input is used when the application quits, it will be used again when the application starts up next time.

Amplitude of input signal.
Middle is appropriate.


Adjusts input signal amplitude.
(not all device support this function, such as CD audio)

Input Monitor
Input signal can be heard through a speaker.
(not all device support this function)


To adjust input signal amplitude, use [Volume Control] utility application provided by system.
How to open the [Volume Control] utility application
(normally it also can be opened from Task Bar)