Compositions Provided by SynVisum (Utility)

Color Bias (Utility)

Add bias to each color components.
[min] is output amount that corresponds to input amount [0].
[max] is output amount that corresponds to input amount [1].
If input color component amount is less than [Black], [0] is output.

It may be used as output characteristic correction (white balance, dimmer, etc.) of display device.

Example setting procedure:
  • Set [Black] to [0].
  • Input white image, then adjust [max] for white balance.
  • Input black image, then adjust [min] just below light starts emit.
  • Set [Black] as needed ([0.01] for example).

After Image (Utility)

Adds after image.
[Decay] is time (in second) until image disappears.
When the Mix Fader is set minimum, after image disappears.

Picture Frame (Utility)

Composits a background image around a foreground image.
[Frame] is a width of background image.
If negative, toward outside of display area.
[Gradation] is a width of gradual change.
If negative, [Image] becomes a frame, and gradually change toward outside of [Frame].
A unit for both width is defined as a width of a screen correspond to [2.0] .

Blink (Utility)

Changes brightness and opacity of a image periodically.
[Sharp] specifies how brightness changes, specifically at [1.0], only minimum and maximum states are used (rectangular wave).
[Duty] specifies bias of a change of brightness.
When [Sharp] is [0], [Duty]:
[Rate] specifies blinks per second.
If [Rate] is fast, it will appear unevenly, because relative time resolution gets lowered, due to display update rate, and so on.

If [Random], sometimes left blank, in probability abount 50%.
If [Phase] is specified with a number (0.0 〜 1.0) when a scene is triggered (also when a Mix Fader is raised from minimum), phase is set to it.

Fader (Utility)

Changes brightness and opacity of a image.
This is equivalent to [Mix Fader] of the Console.

Composite (Utility)

Makes composites of two images.
For more details of each mode, see Apple's web site ( CICategoryCompositeOperation).
Some modes correspond to Blending Functions of SynVisum Console.
Blending FunctionsComposite Mode
OverSource Over

Chromakey (Utility)

Changes specific color to transparent.
[Hue] (degree) as center, +/- [Tolerance] (degree), and more than [Saturation] (%) is changed to transparent.
If its output is used as is, [Over] of Blending Functions of SynVisum Console is effective.

(Reference) Color and Hue
Red : 0 degree
Green : 120 degree
Blue : 240 degree