Compositions Provided by SynVisum (Animation Fluid)

These animations are application of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics).
It requires many calculations on graphics device.
Depending on graphics device, power may be insufficient, and need to devise a way, such as not to use other composition together.
In addition, depending on setting, it may become malfunction (diverge).

Although a name of each animation represents typical usage, they have possibilities for other application.

Cigarette (Animation)

Represents smoke from cigarette.
Image input acts as a source of smoke.
[Decay] is speed of smoke disappear [1/s].
[Convection] is an ascending air current by heat (thermal).
[Turbulence] is unevenness of smoke.
[Vent] is upward speed.
[Density] is intensity of smoke.

Example application
Continually change hue of smoke source.

Ice Fog (Animation)

Represents fog by ice.
Image input acts as a source of fog.
[Gravity] control upward/downward of fog.
(it is not actual gravity as physical property)
[Decay] is speed of fog disappear [1/s].
[Turbulence] is unevenness of fog.
[Pressure] is force to spread fog.
[Density] is intensity of fog.
[Floor] is vertical position of solid surface, below which fog won't go.

Wind Tunnel (Animation)

Represents wind tunnel (experimental device).
Image input acts as a obstacle.
[Speed] is smoke flow speed.
[Decay] is speed of smoke disappear [1/s].
[Count] is number of smoke streams.
[Size] is diameter os source of smoke (thickness of smoke stream).
[Variation] is unevenness of amount of smoke.

Pool (Animation)

Represents undulation on water surface.
[Width] is actual width corresponds to display in metric (m).
Because reset occurs when this is changed, normally it should be kept constant.
[Position] is horizontal position on near water surface where acceleration (force) is applied.
[-1] for left most, [1] for right most.
[AccelH] is horizontal acceleration (m/s²).
[AccelV] is vertical acceleration (m/s²).
(less effective if negative (downward))
[Soft] is blur between air and water.

It seems to be more natural if only short time (narrow pulse) is applied to [AccelH] or [AccelV].
It is possible to generate wave continually by [LFO], or by Assigning Control from external arbitrarily.

If [Width] is [6] (m) or less, calculation load increase, then display update may not keep up.