A sequence holds a series of "Scene Memory".
Each sequence holds,

Sequence Window
Select a "Sequence" from a Window menu, then a Sequence window will appear.

The Sequence functionality is effective only when this Sequence window is opened.
While the Sequence window is closed, scenes belong to no sequence.

Adding a sequence
Select an "Add Sequence" from Scene menu.

Changing a name of sequence
Click name portion of a singly selected sequence.

Specifing a sequence
Click a row of sequence, then the sequence is specified, and its scene memory will appear in the scene list.
A specified sequence is indicated by ">" at the left.
It is also possible to specify a sequence externally by "Sequence Control"

Selecting Multiple Sequences
To select multiple sequences, click any space in a sequence.
Clicking a sequence while holding down [shift] key makes contiguous block.
Clicking a sequence while holding down [Ctrl] key (Windows) / [command] key (Mac) select or unselect each sequence independently.
In other cases, new selection is made.

Arranging Sequences
To change order of sequences, click any space in sequences and drag/drop them.
To duplicate sequences, move sequences while holding down [Ctrl] key (Windows) / [option] key (Mac).

Deleting Sequences
To delete sequences, select sequences then select a menu command [Delete] from [Edit] menu.