SynVisum (sinviƷuːm) is application program that displays visual effects provided by Quartz, the drawing system in Mac OSX.
Multiple Quartz Compositions, still images, QuickTime movies and video inputs can be mixed at arbitrary ratio.
In addition to Quartz Compositions provided by Mac OSX and SynVisum, any compositions created by user with Quartz Composer can be mixed.
Using our product, DoctorMX (USB/DMX interface), mix ratio and composition specific parameters can be controlled from external DMX equipment.
Also, they can be controlled by MIDI, OSC and sound input.

Because each composition's unique parameters can be modified almost freely, it gives wide variety in visual.

Mixed visual image is displayed in the Monitor window.
The monitor window can be expanded to fill entire screen.

There is no explicit limit of number of compositions can be used simultaneously.
(practically limited by computer hardware performance)