Operation Panel Server

The Operation Panel Server provides a way to control SynVisum by Web browser.
Its primary purpose is providing only some selected parameters for an operator at semi-permanent exhibition system.
For example, with some setting template provided, only visitor name or photographs can be altered.
This reduces trouble, as other parameters cannot be altered unnecessarily.

The Operation Panel Server in semi-permanent exhibition system

The Operation Panel Server behaves like HTTP server.
Using HTML form function, only selected parameters can be altered.
It accepts upload of image files and use them.
Not only Mac OSX, but also Windows can be used for an operation computer (we have tested interoperability with Safari and IE (Internet Explorer).
It can generate operation panel HTML file automatically from corresponding SynVisum setting file.
In addition, user provided HTML files with specially designed look and behavior (script) can be used.

How to specify alterable parameters
To specify parameters which are alterable with Web browser, assign OSC (Open Sound Control) as External Control for each parameter.
(Although setting for OSC is utilized, OSC is not used as a communication means.
Also, [ Use OSC… ] is not necessary.
In the figure below, SynVisum setting and corresponding Operation Panel HTML Page generated by the server and rendered in Safari are shown.
Not only altering parameters, but also triggering scenes and monitoring output image are also possible.
(To use scene triggering feature, specify [ OSC ] in Scene Control…)

File and Folder Structure

Operation Panel Server Settings

Auto Panel Generation
Following settings are used for automatic generation of Operation Panel page.
(not applicable for user provided HTML file)

Notes About Auto Generated Operation Page

Notes About Operation

Security Consideration